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Douglas Tobin, Real Estate Broker

Douglas Tobin, Real Estate Broker


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• Broker of record for Intero Real Estate Services, the market leader in the South Bay Area.
• Broker member of 19 real estate boards and multiple listing services
Full time real estate sales since 1974, real estate broker since 1976 with comprehensive experience and expertise in areas of importance in all phases of residential real estate
• Resource for attorneys. Many legal professionals utilize Doug’s services to handle their probate and trustee sales. They rely on him for quick market opinions and values.
• Extensive experience with foreclosures, bankruptcy and evictions.
• Serve as an expert witness. Currently acting as a consultant for the San Francisco District Attorney’s office on a multi-million dollar disclosure issue
Represented hundreds of buyers and sellers.
Experienced mediator. Have successfully mediated many real estate disputes. Helped create the mediation program for the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors that has allowed the public to settle many disagreements without litigation.


• Served in many positions of leadership in organized real estate
• Director of the California Association of Realtors. Past Regional Chairman.
1999 President of the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, California’s oldest real estate board with over 6,000 members
• Served on and chaired numerous committees, subcommittees and task forces at the local state and national level. Past chair of the Professional Standards and Arbitration Committee.
College Instructor
• Teach real estate classes at San Jose City College
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o Real Estate Principles
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According to your questionnaire we will decide if you are qualified for factionalized second deed of trust here are the disclosures to qualified investors and letter detailing our strategy

I wanted to report good news; we are interested funding an ever-increasing number of loans and larger and larger loans and this letter will cover strategy

Investor Notice

Trust Deed investments Basically, when you invest in Trust Deeds you are becoming the lender. That is to say, you are making money the same way banks make money. They take your money and give you 0% to 2% on your deposits and then lend it out at a 6% to 10% rate giving them a hefty profit even after covering operating costs. And, of course, these loans are collateralized by a promissory note, secured by a recorded Deed of Trust.

Our Services
We work with a well-established real estate developer with over 25 years of experience to maintain consistency, reliability, and in-depth knowledge of the market, originate, underwrite, document, fund, and set up the servicing of the loans. Additionally, we continue to monitor the performance of the loans and provide guidance to our investors throughout the life of the loan.

Loan Ratio
In general, it is the current LTV ratio which is the measurement.  However, in a construction project, we measure the future value (i.e., after the construction/rehabilitation is completed).  That future value is allowed to be used as the measurement if the following conditions are met:

For construction or rehabilitation loans, the term “current market value” may be deemed to be the value of the completed project if the following safeguards are met:

All loans are appraised by a qualified and licensed appraiser in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).We personally sight inspect every property to assess not only the property but also the neighborhood and the community. Our primary concern is to evaluate the marketability of the property

Hazard Insurance
Borrowers are required to maintain homeowners insurance in an amount to cover the loan and replacement cost of the improvements. You, the lender, are always listed as the loss payee of the insurance policy.

Title Insurance
Each loan is covered by a full extended ALTA lenders title policy to insure that the title holder/owner has a valid title to the property, is in 1st lein position and protected against any other title defects. A copy of the preliminary title report will be provided for your records.

Loan Fully Funded
The loan is fully funded, with the entire loan amount to be deposited in escrow prior to recording of the deed or deeds of trust.

All transactions are funded directly to a licensed, bonded and insured title/escrow company and your vesting is on each promissory note, personal guarantee, recorded Deed of Trust, or assignment.

In sum, an independent neutral third-party escrow holder is used for all deposits and disbursements.

Draw Schedule
A comprehensive, detailed draw schedule is used to ensure proper and timely disbursements to allow for completion of the project.

The disbursement draws from the escrow account are based on verification from an independent qualified person who certifies that the work completed to date meets the related codes and standards and that the draws were made in accordance with the construction contract and draw schedule. For purposes of this subparagraph, “independent qualified person” means a person who is not an employee, agent, or affiliate of the broker and who is a licensed architect, general contractor, structural engineer, or active local government building inspector acting in his or her official capacity.

All loan payments are made directly to a nationally recognized, insured, bonded, and licensed loan-servicing company. Your payments can be automatically deposited into your account and you will receive monthly statements

Loan Amount

The entire amount of the loan does not exceed two million five hundred thousand dollars ($2,500,000).



CA Bureau of Real Estate TD Investing booklet WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW !!

We work will with a well-established real estate developer with over 25 years of experience to maintain consistency, reliability, and in-depth knowledge of the market. You can speak to Mr. Low about any project, however, all loan conditions, practices, terms and conditions must be addressed by High Yield Trust Deed. You can review Mr. Lowis site at

Construction & Speed
We plan on numerous occasions wherein the developer will build with modular

construction. A Modular Home is a “hybrid” between a factory-built core and

conventional construction. The factory-built core contains the more costly areas typically

found in-home construction. It contains all the “wet” areas – kitchen, bathrooms, and

laundry hookups. The core will therefore include all of the appliances, fixtures, cabinetry

and countertops typically associated with these rooms. The cores also include some

components of the mechanical system.

When the modular core leaves the home-building facility, it is complete and ready to be installed on the foundation. The core is sheet-rocked, textured, and painted, with all electrical lighting, fixtures, and switches installed. All windows are installed, including trim. The cores come with OSB sheathing on the exterior walls, ready for your contractor to install whatever type of siding is desired.

The cores undergo constant quality control during construction and are inspected in the facility to meet the same strict building regulations (IBC) as traditional construction

Once the core is placed on the foundation, the builder is now ready to add the conventionally constructed areas of the home. This will always be the lesser expensive areas of the home – typically garage, entry, and bedrooms, but in some cases also living and dining areas. The key features are as follows: not only are these areas less expensive to construct but they also involve fewer trades, fewer delays with weather conditions, many features are Green Construction, and invariably are faster to complete and quicker return for the investors

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